About Us

Our leadership team comprises of 4 IIM / ISB Alumni with professional experience spanning across 10 countries & in diverse industry & fields of operation like pharma, healthcare, defense, retail and software.

What We Do

We all like to believe that we are healthy and free from any diseases, thus we don’t need to do anything. This ignorance often leads us to the situation when an illness is identified very late. Amidst the rush of the busy life and responsibilities, we often ignore our health. We keep stalling the tests and check-ups prescribed by the doctor until the last moment because we get caught up in the daily chores. This is why 5th Vital brings to you reliable and convenient health diagnostic services, which you can avail anywhere as per your convenience.

5th Vital’s On-Door sample collection services provide you the flexibility of calling phlebotomists to your home, office or any other address at your preferred time. Our phlebotomists are equipped with the latest technology equipment and the samples are processed in our state-of-the-art technologically equipped laboratory. All our staff is highly experienced and trained to ensure the best quality services to our customers.

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